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ABOUT | Tom Joseph

Tom Joseph is a singer-songwriter and guitarist based in Innsbruck, Austria. His music consists of a broad range of stylistic influences from Folk and Blues to soulful Pop from the Beatles to Bon Iver and a lot in between. These influences, in combination with his unique voice, make up the special sound of his music. The spark of his songs always comes from the guitar but he is constantly working with different people from live musicians to electronic music producers and also producing himself to push the boundaries of what the songs can be on a record without losing the essence of the music and tell the story such as it is. 

In his latest EP project he's is dabbling in production for the first time himself to create a handful of songs that explore the inners of the human mind finding ideas on relationships, isolation and escapism. It is also a musical exploration in search of a symbiotic combination of acoustic and synthesized elements to create the sound of the record. 

The first single of this project is out on May 7th 2021 and is called "I Wonder".

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